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Stating the obvious here guys but 470 plus the exra 33 lbs of weight for the next 3.5 gallons of gas that the rest of the world compares weight with.. This puts it almost 22 down from the whopping 525. Not flaming here but I wouldn't be jumping for joy due to lighter weight just yet. Like I keep saying there is 3k rpm of revs that is neutered right out of the bike like the gen 4 10r is. I'm not sure if Kawi is being shady with stock numbers but after a flash to get back that top end power they will be imo. A 10r gains 20hp so h2 should be 30ish. That would. D substantiall.

Btw I am probly one of the only peeps that didn't order. I had the cash and wouldn't finance so it made it way harder to part with my money. I didn't expect that to happen. I drove around with 2500 for months so I could leave deposit anytime and k never did. I guess where I live, the northeast, isn't the best place for it anyways, a lot of tight twisty roads some highways but not many. I think for my riding style a 10r or bmw or new r1 is better for me, me likey tossing her into corners. Doing that with a 500+ lb, 200+ rwhp, 25k bike is well ass puckering to say the least.. Lol not ordering that thing could be the hardest God **** decision I ever made... Hope don't regret it TOO bad :crying:
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