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Insider: Ninja H2 Engine Confirmation!

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A friend of a friend with inside connections to KHI has let me in on a secret or two regarding the Ninja H2. With great risk I do want to share this information with you but do keep in mind that I cannot reveal everything to you without threatening to expose my friend of a friend.

Without further ado lets start where everyone wants to, what engine will Kawasaki pack between your legs?

How do you like the sounds of a centrifugal supercharged 1,000cc Inline 4 making north of 222 bhp (225 PS, 165Kw)? Because according to Kawasaki that’s just what you’re going to get. The engine is said to be its own ground up design and not based on either the 1,043cc from the Ninja 1000, nor the 998cc ZX-10R.

To put that in perspective, the MV Augusta F4R 312 (the current top speed record holder for production bikes) is making a MERE 190 hp, the ZX-14R brings a lowly 210 bhp to the table, while the Hyabusa holds fast at 195 bhp. What will be interesting is if Kawasaki is willing to shatter the Japanese gentleman’s agreement limiting top speed to an even 300 km/h?

We still suspect Kawasaki might be sharing some components from one of their other two current liter class engines, the 1,043cc ZR1000 series (Ninja 1000 / Z1000) or 998cc ZX1000 series (ZX-10R). Whatever the engine’s true origins, we’ve been 100% assured that this thing will be absolutely the quickest and most powerful Kawasaki motorcycle of all time, by far.

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When will we see this kind of horse POWER ~^~ trickle down into our street motorcycles . . .
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Well that engine sounds pretty exciting. I wonder how fast that will get the Ninja H2 going. I imagine with a engine that powerful there will be a speed limiter on the bike. What do you think that the Ninja H2's speed will be capped at?
I'm excited, intimidated and peeing my pants all at once. I haven't got the balls to bring this baby to it's full potential but it ain't stopping me from buying one.
Cannot wait to put my deposit down for one of these.
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