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Well, the time has come to move on from the H2. It has been and still is the most satisfying motorcycle ownership experience i've ever had both in outright performance and shear eye appeal. There is simply nothing that compares to it. Just circumstances and time of life have caused me to decide to start a new page.
It is located in Southern California and has just under 6000 miles. There's quite a lot of modifications:
Brock's / Ghul flash and power commander, blip assist downshift, seat cover, custom Yoshimura slip on and removable cat box with slip in pipe. Dyno'd at 234 RWHP, Kawasaki option higher handlebars. Genuine Kawasaki H2R lower wings (a $3000 value on their own), Self cancelling turn signals. 2016 spec slip assist clutch with much lighter pull. Video monitoring system with front and rear cameras. Kawasaki frame sliders. There's more.
Immaculately kept silver mirror paint - and it is the best silver mirror of all H2's.
Frame number matches the year Kawi started business in the US. Plus I have the goodies that went with it, the gorgeous brochure, cleaning kit, Press information book. Keyfob etc
$25,000. PM me if interested.


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