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firstly.. being a forced induction bike, you might want to see if your area has a division for this.. the area im in doesnt.. and forced induction bikes are banned..
secondly. this is still an amazing bike.. and if you read any of the posts by the guys who have a h2 already.. we all love this bike.. feels amazing having the power to go at any rev range.. and the chirp... my god.. the chirp is life!...
third. how many H2 owners do you know? im lucky enough to be the only h2 owner in my state(will see how long that lasts for).. and my bike is the talk of the town.. anywhere i park it, people go and take pictures, or post on performance groups on FB.. its a great feeling.

I cant recommend this bike enough.. if you have the money for it.. do it.

that being said.. the BMW... is 1 amazing machine.. and if i didnt like the H2.. the bmw would be my next choice.

on the SC maintenance side.. my dealer believes that it gets looked into at every 5/6k service.. worst case scenario, it falls apart and the filter/shield catches the debris..
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