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When Kawasaki announced updates for the 2019 Ninja H2, the headline-grabbing change was the 30-horsepower increase, raising the claimed maximum output to 227.8 hp. One change that drew much less attention was the new Highly Durable Paint treatment that Kawasaki claims is self-repairing.
Read more about How Does Kawasaki’s Self-Healing Paint Work? at
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good read...thanks.Wonder how it'll handle small pebble strikes.

The short answer is it won’t.
My background is automotive refinish at bodyshop & OEM level, paint company (Akzo Nobel) then my own business.
I’ve a decent understanding of paint chemistry and can confirm that scratch resistant, reflow and ceramic clear coats won’t stop pebble strikes.
They are less brittle so may chip “less” but ultimately I have SunTec film on my H2 and have had pebbles/stones penetrate straight through it and puncture my clear coat.
Sadly if it hits at the correct angle and has a sharp edge you’re not going to stop it.
Prevention is better than cure with this paint though...

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