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Here's the Ninja H2 Profile

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A still from a Ninja H2 teaser video gives us a glimpse at the bike's profile. It looks pretty track focused and has a single seat with slick tires. A close look also shows some carbon fiber panels at the front fairing. One odd thing is that the profile of the fuel tank looks pretty tall for a track bike.
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I just watched the fourth teaser and noticed this at the end too.

I do wonder how the size is compared to a zx6r. By the looks of it I doubt its anything close to the zx14. I really want to see the front end now!
One odd thing is that the profile of the fuel tank looks pretty tall for a track bike.
Why is this odd? It has a supercharger tucked right below it.
I love how it looks, every bit of it, don't have an issue with any of it. i actually like how the tank looks.
I don't think Kawasaki would produce a flagship bike that would not be street legal, IMO I believe the slicks and the clean tail minues plateholder/fender are simply to provde the most elegant lines for the marketing.

If you look at the tail it seems there are holes for mounting the plate bracket.
I'm actually curious about what seems to be an aero splitter (located just below the front light in the profile shot) Which would indicate some serious downforce generation at the front end...

Of course it could not be a splitter... ????
Yea its unclear what that little part could be. Another possibility is some type of sensor.
Kawi teased us with another shot in their latest instalment of the video series

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With just over 2 more weeks to go and possibly more teasers to come out i'm hoping we will get more and more better looks at it, at least that's the way things seem to be going so far.
also it would seem that the H2 doesn't have a pillion? hard to see, could be the effect of black on black, or there could simply be a cowl there...

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We do remember this ~^~ the fastest machine . . .

We do remember this ~^~ the fastest machine . . .
clever... moves faster than the speed of sound >:D
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