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Hello from. California !

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I'm Frank from CA. have been riding streetbikes for about 40 years,
Presently have a 2012 ZX14 with flashed ECU .....

Really looking forward to seeing the new H2, I'm not too far from
Kawasaki's headquarters, so I'm probably going down there next week
to see if I can spy anything ....

Ride safe all !
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Any pictures of your current and past bikes?
Do you own any other toys? Any cool cars?
Cool that you are near Kawasaki HQ. Do you ever see any test bikes riding around your area?

Welcome to the forum!
Picture of my current ride :

Don't have picture of my old rides, but here is a list :
1999 Hayabusa 1980 GS 1100 1978 GS 550 1968 CL 350 1972 TS 90 RM 125, YZ 250, CR 500. Taco 22 LOL !

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No bikes spied as of yet, but here are a few pictures of my visit to kawasaki
headquarters when Tom Sykes was there : Uploads/Kawasaki Headquarters
@car-abuser, Was this the one from july?

These two look delicious!

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welcome to the show! Now thats what I want to see Tom Sykes with some seat time on the H2, god I hope this bike can turn...
Klotzo, yes from July, was a pretty good day ....
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I would of quickly taken a signature or two and then move on to the kawi vintages.

Man just something about that zx14r with the muzzy pipe. Keeping my eyes dry wothout blinking lol shes real purdy...

Thats a nice list of bikes you owned. Which was your very first?
well the taco 22 was my first LOL ! but when I was around 10, my brother put me in the front of a honda 350 and he was on the back, I proceeded to give it full throttle up
the long street hit almost top end, scared the crap out of him, I was hooked !

road a TS90 when I was 12, first street bike at 16 was used Honda 350 ...
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so I see its just never gotten fast enough eh ;)
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" so I see its just never gotten fast enough eh "

I must admit, I am addicted to speed !
sweet sounds like you had a great childhood. taco 22 = motor, chain, frame pillion lol

@car-abuser this kid has you beat at 6! hes hooked too

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