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hello from belgium

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hi all

a little introduction

my name is willem
i live in Belgium

we have a Kawasaki motorcycleshop

im looking also forward to the new ninja h2

ill hope ill enjoy this place en we can discuss a lot about the new bike :)

so ... let the good times roll :)
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Awesome. You should be such a great member to have on the forum. I'm sure you have plenty of Kawasaki information that you can share with us all.

Welcome to the forum!
if i have some more info .. ill post it :)

Welcome @willem mertens

what moto are you curently riding over in belgium?
I bet he gets some kind of employee discount. Lucky guy.

Welcome to the forum. Cool to have people from all over the world on here.
welcome willem, will be interested to hear the technical stuff you get from kawi, shop manuals for instance ;):D
off course my friends

if you ever need some technical information and stuff i can put it on this website
but off course it will take a while
in Belgium the h2 will arrive on late februari
begin march ...

i am going to Germany on 1 of october to see the bike in reeel life
i will take many pictures of it for you my fellas :)

@ klotzo ... i ride most of the kawi models .. in demo . so our customers can test drive them
at the moment i am riding the zx10r and the new z1000 most of the time

@ titan ... yes indeed i am Lucky to get discount on the bike :)
i already ordered one for myself :)

so ill keep you all posted

happy to be here :)

greetings willem
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