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Held Phantom II Gloves

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How many products, motorcycle related or otherwise, can you name that have stayed on the market and remained competitive for more than five years? How about eight? That’s what the original Held Phantom managed to do. They’ve been winning awards and comparison tests since 2005, but that run has come to an end with the release of their successor - the Held Phantom II.

The Held Phantom II retains the full kangaroo leather construction of the original, which makes it surprisingly flexible and lightweight considering how beefy they look at first glance. The inherent lightness of the kangaroo means that more protective elements can be added without making the Phantom II feel restrictive. Other features that go relatively unchanged from the original are the Kevlar lining on top of the hand, special stepped seams on the fingers for an unobtrusive feel, and stingray leather on the palm. Stingray leather is incredibly abrasion resistant and acts as a slider on the heel of the palm. Held had an excellent starting point with the original Phantom, but that doesn’t mean they only gave a fresh look to the old features. Many brand new elements were added to the Phantom II.

Starting at the fingers, the Phantom II’s use a material called Superfabric on the knuckles of the pinky, ring and middle fingers. This is backed by Kevlar and shock absorbing foam for even more protection. Each of the first two fingers also have been given flex panels for easy manipulation of your controls while on the bike. Above the fingers on the back of the hand is a brand new, multi-layer knuckle protector. It uses a titanium slider that is seated in a molded TPU base, with thick, energy absorbing foam underneath it all. It not only protects, but it does so very comfortably. The wrist is guarded by a similar, layered armor scheme. The difference here is that instead of titanium, it is Superfabric that provides the first line of defense.

The Held Phantom II is very well rounded gauntlet that provides some of the best protection available, excellent comfort, and a very supple feel. It is definitely a worthy successor to the long-running Phantom, and you can get your own pair from Riders Discount by getting in touch with MIKE through this forum, or by calling 866.931.6644 ext. 804. You can also feel free to send an email to FORUM at RIDERSDISCOUNT dot COM and we’ll get back to you right away!

The new Held Phantom II gloves sell for $300 and come in White/Black , Black, Hi-Vis Yellow/Black (not pictured), and Red/White/Black.

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Held excels at many things when it comes to the production and design of their products, but one thing that stands out is their attention to detail. This stereotypically German approach to design is apparent when you take a closer look at the Phantom II gloves. Here's an up close and personal look at just a couple of features to show you what we mean -

Held's stepped seams are a great solution to pressure points on the fingers. They are incredibly strong, yet you can barely feel them.

Perforations between the fingers are large and allow more air to flow through to your hand than you might expect.

Interested? Give MIKE a call at 866.931.6644 ext. 804 to order yours today!
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Check out the inside of these Held Phantom II gloves. The top is lined with shock absorbing foam and Kevlar for even more protection against abrasion wear. Just one of the many reasons this is the best glove on the market to protect your hands.

The Held Phantom II is packed full of safety features, some of which can be seen on the top of the fingers pictured here. Here you'll see more of the stingray leather but also additional layers of kangaroo for that extra step in safety. Also note the flex panels on the index and middle finger for easier control of your motorcycle.

Interested? Give MIKE a call at 866.931.6644 ext. 804 today!

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Held gloves are the best gloves you can buy. Double and triple stitched seams keep the glove from ripping at the seams like some other brands that only single stitch their seams. Plus, it makes them extremely comfortable to wear!

Another area where Held shines through with their attention to detail is the wrist closure. Held includes a roller to keep the strap from wrinkling or bunching making it easy to use for years of use.

Give MIKE a call to order your Held Phantom II gloves today!

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Also available in blue, be sure to contact MIKE to order a set of the new Held Phantom II gloves today!

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There's no such thing as being too visible on a motorcycle. Order up some Held Phantom II gloves in black/hi-viz yellow today! Just give MIKE a call to place your order.

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How good is it in the heat?
These are perforated in parts of the gloves where it is needed most (across the hand as well as between the fingers).
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