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These parts are from a ’16 The bike was NOT in a crash. Assume that all parts are in excellent condition unless otherwise noted. I prefer to deal via email, please PM me your email address along with your questions & offers. I will email you pics of any part you request. Any reasonable offer accepted. I prefer to ship within the US, but I might be open to shipping smaller parts internationally.

Top/Main Upper Fairing – (clear bra wrapped) a few rock pits
Left Inside Panel (black plastic) for left side fairing panel
Right Inside Panel (black plastic) for right side fairing panel
Tail Section – (clear bra wrapped) nearly mint condition)
OEM Winglets + mounting hardware
Gas Tank black plastic Side Trim – L & R sides
Black Plastic Cowlings L&R (under L&R handlebars)
Black Plastic Lower Engine Covers L&R w/metal brackets
Black Plastic Cowling (under upper fairing nose)
Front/Upper Fairing Metal Frame
Fairing Mount Brackets

Various Hardware:
Mirror/Turn Signal (complete assembly) – left side
Forks w/K-Tech internals (complete & ready to go)
Stock Rims, nearly mint, only 500 miles on these, no scratches, no rock damage
Gas Tank – (clear bra wrapped) 1 small dent & 1 scratch in the clear bra wrap
(would be a good 2nd gas tank for track use?..)
H2R Fuel Pump
Exhaust System – OEM stock full system
Exhaust System – Akrapovic full Titanium complete system + carbon fiber hanger
right Mirror/Turn Signal (complete assembly)
left Mirror/Turn Signal (complete assembly)
Rotors – Brembo full-floating Supersport Rotors – nearly mint, only 200 miles on these
Rotors – Brembo full-floating Supersport Rotors – perfect condtion, about 1000 miles on these
Rotors – OEM – perfect condition, 500 miles on these before switching to the Supersport rotors
SBS race Brake Pads, almost new, only 100 miles on these pads
Brake Calipers OEM (left & right)
ASV Brake Lever (aftermarket)
Clutch Lever/master cylinder – Brembo RCS16
Gas Cap – no key, racing gas cap –Lightech
Radiator – complete w/mounting grommets, cap, hose, fans, ready to plug in & use.
(slightly dented on left side)
Tail Light section (complete)
Rear Turn Signals (L&R) w/connection cables
Front Fairing small Running Lights (L&R)
Windshield Support Frame (black plastic) – brand new
Front Wheel Speed Sensor
Rear Brake Pedal
Shift Sensor – 2016 OEM
Quick Shifter (2017 H2 OEM shifter)
Shifter pedal/lever – left side
Shorai Lithium Ion Battery (extremely light!)
ESD electronic steering damper (I have 2)
Steering Damper Mounting Bracket
Yoshimira Fender Eliminator (tail section replacement)
Chain Guard OEM
Swingarm Boot Guard (black plastic)
Ram Air Intake Tube
Air Intake Trim for Ram-Air Tube w/rubber trim, screen, brackets
right side fake Air Intake Trim
right side fake Air Intake Trim (I’ve modified this one for better aerodynamics in LSR events)
Front Sporcket Cover (black plastic)
Coolant Reservoir Bottle (inside right side panel)
Tool Kit OEM that goes under the seat
OEM Reflectors (front & rear)
Chain – DID 525 ZVM-X Gold race chain + master links
Gearing/Sprockets: F-18t, 19t R-41t, 45t, 46t
Chain (OEM) only 500 miles of use (you’ll need to get an OEM master link)
Tail Trunk removal Hip Support
Tail Section Hip Supports (L&R)
Power Commander V
Graves Throttle Tamer Tube (metal)
Handlebar Electrical Switches (L&R)
OEM Shock (only 500 miles used)
Rear Brake Rotor + Wheel Sensor
Rear Hub + Sprocket
Rear Wheel Nut
Front Axel + Nut
Side Stand + Electrical Connection
Electrical Power Voltage Regulator
Footpeg Rearsets (L&R)
Lower Triple Clamps
Upper Triple Clamps
Handlebar Clip-ons (L&R)
OEM Rotor Bolts (2 sets)
46mm Socket for rear wheel nut removal (1/2”)
IMA Thumb Brake for rear brake (fork Mount)
Front Brake Reservoir

Engine Related:
Engine Case Cover – left side
Engine Case Cover – right side (w/oil window)
Brocks Heavy Clutch Springs

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Any of these parts still available?

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Any of these parts still available?
Yes they all are. As parts sell I delete them from the list above.
Send me a PM with your wants list and I'll give you a great deal.
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