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H2 on the way

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Ordered mine a while ago and looking forward to a new ride. Currenty have my 04 ZX 10 which has been a great bike for the track and street. Hopefull the new one wont be too heavy for me. Actually bought a brand new 1972 750 H2 and it was a blast although it handled like garbage. Have 5 other bikes like a lot of other guys including BMW's and one Harley left. Been riding for a long time and looking forward to more track days in the future before I get too old!:)
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Welcome Robert, we've got a great group here!
Great to have you here. Any idea when your H2 will be delivered?

Welcome to the forum!!!
I hear ya, I recently downsized from a Gen 4 10R to a '14 636 to continue honing my track skills and hopefully for a little longer.

Amazing how sore I am after a track day anymore.
Welcome to the forum!
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