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H2 & H2R Registry

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Registries exist for many limited released cars i.e. Mustang Bullitt, Shelby Mustangs, Special addition Vettes, sixties and seventy Muscle cars etc. I think we should start a registry for the H2 and H2R.

The registry would list the model H2 or H2R, last four of VIN for identification, owner and location.

This would be a great way to determine how many exist, their locations and help keep track of them as they are sold, wrecked and/or totaled, etc.

What do you think? This would require a sticky or separate topic that would have to be updated and maintained by an administrator.

Just a thought.
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I am already planning on upgrading my security for this bike without announcing to the world my name and location. I like the idea - I just do not want to create a list to make thieves jobs easier.
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I am already planning on upgrading my security for this bike without announcing to the world my name and location. I like the idea - I just do not want to create a list to make thieves jobs easier.
Not specific address' just like City and State or at least State.
If you live in the US, the bad guys can already track you through your vehicle registration in the state where you live. This is considered "public information". If you are that concerned about security, then be sure to use a PO Box instead of your street address.
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Perfect! Where will the spreadsheet be maintained and how can it be accessed?
Can a text field be added for owners to list modifications or comments (eg results of dyno runs, 1/4 mile times, list of extras added or parts changed) ? If it can be added, is it something that owners would like ?
Added a text field for mods.

OKH2: The second link has the sheet of responses. It is read-only.
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Reactions: 1 says...NEVER send passwords through Google Forms.
Added a text field for mods.

OKH2: The second link has the sheet of responses. It is read-only.

Yep, I saw that. My question is if I were new to the forum and I was an owner of an H2 and was looking for a registry, how would I find it? Will there be a link via the forum or post that is a sticky? Though I have a google account not everyone will want to create a an account to access. I was hoping that the site management would create this in a post that is a sticky.

i.e. * THE 2001 REGISTRY * (Please give us your Bullitt number!) located on shock tower - IMBOC
I can make it so the form doesn't require an account, but then any one can fill in multiple nonsense entries.
I'm cool with a stickie.
H2 geolocations

Sorry guys. A longer message than I would normally like to do but please hang in there.

Myself, I can see the benefit of having a registry for H2 owners. It would satisfy most individuals as well as our groups overall interests.

To date, it looks like VIN's, Chassis, User Names, Location and perhaps some contact details should meet every ones requirements for basic H2 user information.

I'd like to propose an option that we can be evaluating in-house for suitability within days. It’s a twist on the idea from OKH2, work already done from pieter3d and the suggestion from Bazza because it combines the advantages of all offerings. N.B. I’ve discussed it with OKH2, Pieter3d and Bazza offline.

Using Google Maps we can “push pin” our respective locations and have a graphical representation of it. (See my file link below as an example of a PDF extracted from it. I've entered approx 50 user names who I believe are owners and who have already provided some level of address detail via their profile). This pin pointing can be as vague as the country you live in or to being as precise as your street address. You decide what level you want to go to.

Me personally, I’m not keen on identifying my location at any level lower than the city.(See below) I don’t need people knowing where she gets locked up at night. I don’t think I've seen anyone post any address information more generic than that anyway.

In summary.

A PDF can be available for anyone to view via a link placed within the forum. It has basic info only. It can be updated on a set time frame, say, every 2 or 3 months.

An online version for verified “H2 owners”. This will / could have all the type of info listed above in the 2nd paragraph. Clicking on the name in the legend or on one of the map pinpoints will bring up the details for the owner. (Refer to my personal example in the link above) This version would generate a fresh view of the current data at the time of selection. New or changed info could be updated as required, or, following the welcoming of a new owner to the forum.

Potential advantages of this proposal being.

We can colour code the users names so the pictures legend is easier to read. See my example attached.

We can add information like what I have listed in the 2nd paragraph so when you click on either the users name on the side or the pinpoint item, that additional info will display.

Being browser based, it wont matter if you are on a Microsoft, Apple IOS or Android operating system. You will still have access.

Access can be restricted by invitation only. In other words, only those that can prove they are owners will have that level of viewing access. That access will be away from the NinjaH2 forum so there wont be a risk of that information being onsold to 3rd parties against your wishes.

We can share or post an Adobe PDF version for anyone. It would be just as you can see in the example but perhaps without the user names on the side. I think it's reasonable that the NinjaH2 forum provides everyone interested that basic level of detail.

That data can be exported into other formats. Eg. KMZ. to be used in Google Earth.
We can also add further information (I'd suggest email addresses??) to those with owner access.


That any "sensitive" info could end up outside the H2 owners group if it is not kept secure.

In some regions it is probable that the printed map will just be a swarming mass of pinpoints. Particularly the UK and certain areas within the US. This will make it less useful in its printed version even though some maximising of the PDF will be possible. Online in Google maps (on screen) it will be ok because you can maximise the local area of interest. Will that matter??? Lets try it and see.

It is not an elegant solution. Its more like a basic starting point and it would not be able to be developed easily beyond what I have put forward. At least not without a $ cost or an investment of considerable research time. Is that going to be a problem??? I don't think it will be if we just aim initially to keep this project simple.

Please put forward any concerns on this proposal after reviewing the pdf links. I will see if they are able to be addressed easily or if they become show stoppers.

Otherwise, (legit H2/R owners), just post a "Like". It will be simpler to gauge the level of owner interest that way.

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