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I am informing everyone as of the 2nd of August, I will no longer host the documentation I've provided on my MS OneDrive.:(

The Diagrams & Parts Lists books for both the H2 and H2R, the Owner's Manual for the H2R, and the H2 Service Manual will no longer be available from me after the 2nd. I've flat ran out of space on my OneDrive and am unwilling to purchase more to continue hosting documentation should be hosting.

Two weeks ago I contacted administration and have had some communication about hosting the above directly on the site. Through this communication I've discovered it isn't a simple matter to host this or any other documentation. It appears larger interests are involved to the point of making it a cumbersome project to change the site to allow a downloading area.

I've asked admin to consider creating a specific download area for relevant documentation for our H2/R. I suggested this download area should be made available to the membership not only as a download area but also an upload area. Uploads to be filtered via a moderator of course. I've also asked admin to consider a new forum on Racing as there are plenty of us salt guys and soon to be H2 drag racers to make this a lively area for the site.

I've not had much success with my suggestions. Maybe you guys can.

All of the material I'm currently hosting is freely available on Kawasaki's public website. However, the two books I've assembled of the Diagrams and Parts Lists for both bikes are not there of course. The individual pages are available to download at Kawasaki but not all together as a single file as the two books are.

For those of you that haven't downloaded any of the above docs and want to do so, here is the link where you can. This link will be valid until the 2nd of next month.
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