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H2 Carbon Production numbers

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As we know 2017 was the first year of the Carbon Edition and 120 units worldwide were made..
As of 2023 does anyone on here know how many are produced or how many were made per year? Let's discuss
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I just assumed it was 120/year every year.

if I were to guess I’d say 840 are floating around as of 2023
I have #78 that was the only one imported into New Zealand. It would seem to me the production run was not fulfilled, 3 went to Australia and only 6 went to the US but I can't guarantee my numbers are correct. A dealer in the UK complained that he was not allocated one even though very few went there.
Here is an interesting thing, I have enquired of several different genuine parts from Kawasaki and the importer said they have difficulty matching the VIN as the parts required don't match the bike.
Clutch, Headers, panels and the list goes on, they just don't know what the bike is made of, seems to have 2018 spec equipment. The 2017 Carbon is so unique even Kawasaki are puzzled!
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