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GP Shift or Reverse is a no-no

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Well unfortunately or those of us who like GP shift (1 up,5 down) on our H2's we won't be able to do this.
Reversing or turning upside down the linkage on the gearbox spline won't work because of a lack of room.
Also the quickshifter won't allow this to work.

Now I have to swap my Gen3 back to 1 down 5 up so I can re-learn. Bu33er
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Since there's an actuator/sensor there that moves one way for upshifts and the other for downshifts you'd have to reverse what the push and pull does.its more of a software issue than hardware imo. I forgot to look at the bmw to see how they made it possible.
The quickshifter will work fine with a GP pattern , no software mods needed ...

It dosn't matter which way you move your foot to change gear , you still need to push the shift linkage in order to upshift the gearbox... modified linkage is all it needs !

P.S. Hello from England... been lurking here a while, but had nothing usefull to say 'til now!

H2 on order from Clay Cross . . . . W A I T I N G !
1 - 1 of 62 Posts
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