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GP Shift or Reverse is a no-no

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Well unfortunately or those of us who like GP shift (1 up,5 down) on our H2's we won't be able to do this.
Reversing or turning upside down the linkage on the gearbox spline won't work because of a lack of room.
Also the quickshifter won't allow this to work.

Now I have to swap my Gen3 back to 1 down 5 up so I can re-learn. Bu33er
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I don't see why the ECU couldn't down shift. It knows the speed of the output shaft via the rear wheel speed sensor, the speed of the crank, the current gear ratio and the next lower ratio so it could calculate matching rpm and has control of the throttle to make that rpm happen.
Maybe the more complex mode would enable throttle "blipping" for downshifts, ala BMW...
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