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First test of the H2

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I can't get a translation...can you?It's in Idonesian,right?
I used Google Translate on the text blocks, one at a time... yes, it's Indonesian.
Looks like 10.7 sec quarter mile but with not much grip at the start. I believe there was a video related to this test that someone posted a couple of days ago ... lots of wheelspin. They hit 275 km/h by the start finish line but it felt like it would do 300 if the track allowed it. I gather that whoever rode it got a "don't break it, no spare parts" talk, so they probably didn't push their luck.

I also gather that this is the track that the test was at (looks like start finish is about 600 m down the straightaway after the corner coming onto the straight):,0.666733&oq=sentul&t=h&z=15
Okay...thank you Frio..hadn't tried that;)
The google mpas of the track is really cool. Thanks for posting that.
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Wonder why they did not use the Launch Control, the whole point behind it is to allow you to launch this baby and accelerate as fast as possible with minimal wheel spin and wheelieing (is that word?).
I wouldn't bet that rider was totally railing.No one wants to be the first"I wrecked the new H2"guy.It was probably loaned to him anyway...I'd imagine the owner had some say in it as well;)Doubt it was broken in either..could be iffy goin all out with it like that.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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