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Come See the Kawasaki Ninja H2....

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French mag Moto Journal is running what appears to be a render of the upcoming H2 on their front cover...

Now while its unlikely they are showing us the actual product there is enough truth in the photo that we can use it at least as a jumping off point. I figure the deviations from render to actual should likely be minimal.

Compare the cover with the teaser picture Kawasaki showed earlier in the week...

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The silhouette is correct, so that much should be true. Where I think we will see differences is in the blacked out part of the teaser image. That is where the magazine filled in the blanks for us.

Judging by the fact they are bringing back the old Kawasaki emblem, I would say that Kawasaki might try to make this bike look considerably different from other Ninjas.
To me the render looks too much like a regular old Ninja 650 and the bodywork kind of reminds me of an 06 ZX6R... I do like the racy single seat though

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Any render isn't going to be able to predict something brand new that Kawasaki does, so whatever speculation we get here is going to be a mash up of other Ninja bikes that we have already seen.
i can see where yamasuki is coming from. the size from the rendering actually reminds me alot of the zx6r. so naturally change the plastics however you want and it would still be reference to any older 600.
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