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I Have Owned Over 60+ New Bikes. Love Kawasaki. Plus Anything That Goes Fast.

My 2000 Kawasaki ZX12R Was Very Sweet Plus The Other Kawasaki's I Have Owned.

2000 ZX-9R
2000 ZX12R
2008 Z1000
2008 ZX-10R
2010 Z1000
2010 ZX-10R

2015 Ninja H2 / H2R Will Be A Bike For The History Books And I Can't Wait.

But In The Meantime Watch This Video Of A 507BHP ZX12R Shooting Fire.


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Mind Bending Power!!!

I Don't Know About You But I Just Can't Get Enough Of This Thing >:D

1) BST Carbon Wheels
2) Carbon Brake Rotors
3) Turbo Sounds Sick!!!
4) Lifts Front Of Dyno Up
5) Shoots Big Flames!!!
6) Cool Exhaust Cutout
7) Wings On The Side
8) Face Looks Mean
9) Mirrors Tucked In
10) Real Comfortable Ride
11) Idle's Like a Stocker
12) Built Bad Ass ZX12R
Miss My 2000 ZX12R And Would Love To Have Something Like This Monster :D

Click This Link To See Some Of My Past Bikes

Love This Video Of A ZX12R vs GSX1300R...This Is What It's All About. Let The Good Times Roll

I Have Been At 150MPH On The Back Wheel A Few Times And This New H2R Should Make It Easy

Ninja ZX12R vs GSXR 1300 Hayabusa - YouTube

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Kawasaki Horse Power King

There Is So Much Win In This Video That I Can Watch It Again And Again

The Front End Looks Like Teeth On A Man Eating Piranha / Watch In 720HD On YouTube For Best

The Sound / The Flames Shooting Out / Plus The Rear Tire Squashed Under Load

Just The Way It Moves The Dyno At The End Of The Pull When Shut Down

This Bike Is What Kawasaki Stands For...That Is Big Horse Power First And Everyone Else Second

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After Watching It Again And Again...

Should come with a Surgens General warning. May induce Stroke, Epilepsy, Heart Failure and/or Premature Ejaculation....
Very Funny But Not Too Far From The Truth :D

a lot of truth to that last point, especially when it's heard ;)

The Sound Of This Machine Is Pure Insanity >:D

Here Are My Observations Of This ZX12R Turbo...;)

1)@ 22 Sec-The Start Up Sounds So Sweet And Fires Right Up Just Like Stock.

2)@ 1:00-1:30 It Shoots Out Some Big Flames And The Guy's Hand Gets Hot.

3)@ 1:56-2:06 The Front End Lifts The Dyno As The Power / Torque Come In.

4)@ 2:22-2:44 Idle's Like A Stock Bike Run After Run And Tire Is Melted Down.

5)@ 2:46-2:52 Drive Chain And Tire Look Like It Will Bust From The Pressures.

6)@ 2:58 Guy Behind The Dyno Crouched Down Holding His Ears Is Very Funny.

7)@ 3:15 You Can See Some Serious Turbo Lag After He Pins The Throttle.

8)@ 3:38 / 3:50 / And The 4:20 Min Mark The Sound Is Pure Evil...Epic Horse Power.

9) Conversion: 378 kW X 1.36 = 514.08 HP So They Under Rated It >:D

This Kawasaki Is The Ultimate Speed Machine And I Would Love To Own It.....
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