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Anyone else got a 22 yet?

It was supposed to have been here in March, but I'm surprised I got one altogether, considering the supply chain deliberate destruction. Ordered it in October of last year.

Off topic, but In EU you can't get one anymore, since the globalist pedos in charge there, no longer allow non euro5 compliant bikes... meanwhile they foster and import an infinite supply of "grooming gang" members from thirdworld shtholes.. go figure

Anyway, congratulate me on achieving the "Pinnacle" of motorcycling.. only way to go from here is off a cliff ;)

first thing I had to do was to rip out that globalist warming bullshit 30lb 1500 USD muffler and replace it with a pro-race slash cut end
next thing is to rip out that stretched scrotum of a tail.
Will do a full exhaust eventually

Tire Wheel Fuel tank Helmet Vehicle
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