Up for sale is my 2019 ninaj h2 carbon edition. I purchased it last year from the original owner who was a collector and it only had 200 miles and was bone stock when I got it. I have owned it a year and done a lot of modifications to the bike. I only have put about 400 miles on it myself so i made the decision to sell it. The bike currently has about 600 miles on it. If I get my full asking price I will include a set of H2R wings from rpm that I have not had the chance to install yet.
-vandemon polished tiatium exhaust
-sprint filter
-woolich software with flash from yagerwerx
-yagerwerx intercooler
-stage 3 supercharger gears
-motocomposites side fairings
-motocomposites full tail
-motocomposites front fender
-motocomposites rear fender
-puig wind screen
-Brocks clutch springs
Im sure there is more I cant think of at the moment. Fastest response will be texting or callin me at 937-689-8981. Bike is in Dayton, Ohio and I have the title in hand.
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