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The "XTR", by a mile. H2R is not setup/designed for the 1/4 mile. Think about it in different would the "XTR" do on a road course, or the Isle of Man?? Gotta choose the right tool for the job. Now, a full H2R drag bike? Well, the H2R, by a mile...HP.

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Well...I think it is better to head-to-head with Gadson's Drag H2R. Let's compare the specs.

Gadson's H2 Dragster:
Factory / Aftermarket Built
Aftermarket Drag Swingwarm
Weight: 400+ lbs
Engine: Kawasaki 1000 c.c., 4-Stroke, Supercharger
Power: some where around 300hp
Transmission: 6-speed, MotoGP type
Price: $55k (out the door)

Home Built by NAKTC
Weight: around 300 lbs
Engine: Kawasaki 1200 c.c., 2-Stroke, since H2R has a supercharger, then we will NOS the XTR
Power: 300+ hp
Transmission: CVT (Continuous Variable Transmission)
Price: Priceless you have more information to make your prediction on a 1/4 mile drag strip. Oh...who knows, Gadson may have to race against himself on both bikes...that will be history...see video below and you'll see what I mean.

CLICK HERE to hear Gadson's comment



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