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Hi everyone!

So I just got this bone stock 2015 H2, and will be building it to race it in my home country's national 1/4 mile drag race next year. My bikes won both the 250cc and 500cc class this year, and I plan to in next year's 1000cc class as well.

I recently found this forum, and after reading some of the discussions, I believe this is the best place for me to get help.

Note: I am currently in the US, so I will ship all these parts to my home country after I get all of them. I fully intend to win, so I suppose I would need best of the best for parts. Please do give me suggestions if there is a better part other than the ones I listed below.

Thanks in advance! 🙏🙏

After talking to a few of my friends, here is what I came up with:


OEM Header Gasket replacement:
(Part 11061-0979)
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ECU Flash:
(I’m not sure which of the Street/Track Map would be best for ¼ mile dragstrip which exhaust configuration would work with the Vandemon full exhaust system I’m purchasing) (If there is any better ECU flash out there, please do suggest it to me)

(Enables auto blipper clutchless downshifting on the Ninja H2)

Swingarm (+8 length):
Kawasaki H2H2 Extended Swingarm Billet Single Sided CNC Machined 2015 2016 2017 2018 Race Racing Performance Drag Stretched

(OEM chain type is 525. Would chain length of 150 links sufficient for this setup, please confirm if this is right, and is this the best chain available for the bike and the drag purpose? Lastly, would this chain work with the 525 sprockets?)

Lowering Link:
(I don’t know if this is compatible or if this would be the best with all of the other parts)[PSR0010]=PSR0010-X001-Y025

Front & Rear Sprocket: (OEM front 18, rear 44)

(I got suggested to go 1 tooth down in the front and 2-3 up in the rear. Could only find links to aluminum sprockets, please send link for steel ones if you know where to find them)

Front Sprocket (Can’t find 17 tooth one, and this is in aluminum, not steel):

Rear Sprocket (This is in aluminum, not steel):

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Front sprockets interchange with other big Kawasakis, ZX 11, 12 and 14
Rear sprocket on aftermarket dual sided swingarm will not be H2 , check with swingarm manufacturer to see what they use ,and dual sided swingarm may be preferrable for drags . I use PBI sprockets
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