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  1. Engine
    Hi guys, I went to turn my bike on and it went into “limp mode” according to the dealership. Bike is a 2016 with 6250km on the clock. Rain mode is flashing, most of the right side of the speedo is flashing and the engine light is on. Bike is coming up with the code 23. According to the dealer...
  2. Kawasaki Ninja H2 Pictures
  3. Ninja H2 Issues and Troubleshooting
    Hello guys im Super upset and worried my bikes lives in a garage under covers and get a wash after every single ride and for this to happen im pretty sure its a manufacturing fault but im not sure what to do 😥 has any one experienced this and knows how to sort it ?
  4. Drivetrain
    Hello all So im having a issue with my 2015 h2 axel there is an alarming amount of play in the back wheel i see on the kawasaki parts list they have changed the axel part id 3 times in its life is this due to they have made a updated version with the problems fixed or is this somthing else why...
  5. Engine
    So im having a issue of the h2 dumping oil from the airbox in large amounts and blocking the airfilter what then makes the bike boggy So from what i can understand as its done this 2 times now you can ride the bike normally in traffic and so on but ive noticed when dropping to 3rd then...
  6. Tuning
    Now after watching a load of videos i keep running in to some what have a extra digital speedo on what goes passed the 299 km speedo restriction what is this device called i cant seem to fine any thing on it would really appreciate if some one could give me the name or point me in the right...
  7. Electronics
    H2 2016 dash upgrade is it possible? Ive just had a accident on my h2 so im having it repaired by kawasaki and im just wondering is it possible to upgrade the dashboard on a 2016 h2 to a newer model dash? As i love the newer bikes screens I also wanted to ask ive seen some riders on the h2...
  8. Exhaust
    Trying to pick a good exhust Ive been looking at broks for a while now but ive just run in to a vandemon and ive got to say it looks great the only problem is i dont eather make so wanted some feedback 😊 Photos below of the 2 exhusts Love the broke look just dont like the small hole in the end...
  9. Ninja H2 General Discussion
    Does any one know the make of the exhust on the h2r i thought it was a broks but i contacted them and they said they based there exhust off the h2rs system but its not the same another one ive seen is vandemon but cant seem to find much on the vandemon any one help me out here
  10. Ninja H2 General Discussion
    Hello everyone! I am in the market for an H2, but quite haven’t decided which bike I should go for. I am torn between the ZH2 and the H2 SX SE. I have watched a lot of videos and still have a mixed decision. Can any owners help me with making a decision? Here below I will list a few of my...
1-10 of 10 Results