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Why did you ...

... buy one? LoL why not? But what was the clincher? I had read or rather quickly skimmed an early article about the H2R but was put off the whole idea by the high RPM maintenance schedule and it was not at first clear to me that the H2 was all that different in this one respect. Then just by chance I read this article properly Living With Kawasaki Ninja H2 - What Owner Says ? #Part 2 | Real Riders. That led to visiting a The Bike Show, Birmingham, in late 2015. I managed to resist for about 2 weeks and took delivery early March 2016. So I missed the 2015 model, but I like the grey frame and the clutch is one finger. Sort of teed off about the 17 model that I probably will never have; I envy the technical spec improvements, mostly around the Bosch electronics, lean detection etc.

A year on ... Do watch out closely if you are with Carole Nash Insurance brokers in the UK. They sent me a renewal notice for about 2000 GBP for 3 bikes.I repeatedly told them Kawasaki in house insurance was offering 487 GBP for 2 x 1200's and the H2, albeit with slightly different excesses. So 2000 became 600 with a bit of haggling. About 4 x 30 minute phone calls actually and refusing their initial offers. Anyway; spring has arrived - safe riding, take care with that right wrist, 60 degree hair trigger on a missile, makes no sense at all,but that's why we love it I guess. Take it real easy for a few rides if it's been off the road for winter.

Built for speed since 1952
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The bike does not blend in. It's unique in every respect. I feel it makes the perfect stable mate for my Vmax. On paper neither of these bikes make sense, luckily I have enough sense not to read people's opinions who have never ridden one. Once you ride either of these bikes it all becomes clear. The best thrills available
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For me I second what Vmax+H2 says. It's a quality outfit top to bottom. It's very very different to ANYTHING. It's very fast. It's very attractive people cannot help themselves to look, but most of all it's how it makes me feel when riding it!
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I only looked at 2 bikes after my Blade. Ariel Ace and H2. Went with the H2 (And glad of that) because I wanted Faired bike and wanted to keep with the Sports bikes.

Its different to most other bikes on the road as well that I like

Love bikes and cars so a petrolhead at heart. Moto Gp, F1, BSB, WEC. you name it. Currently have a Tiger Kit car, GT86 and now a proud owner of a 2016 H2
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The reviews did not do the bike justice!

If Kawasaki provided test rides, they would have sold a LOT more bikes.
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Originally Posted by kawah2 View Post
The reviews did not do the bike justice!

If Kawasaki provided test rides, they would have sold a LOT more bikes.
Yes, reviews are not good. Some do like the bike some not. Each and every individual have their own prespective.
Those who like they definitely buy it.
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Originally Posted by kawah2 View Post
The reviews did not do the bike justice!

If Kawasaki provided test rides, they would have sold a LOT more bikes.
I personally haven't seen a bad review about the H2. Now that I have owned a H2 I can say in the reviews the one thing get totally wrong is fuel usage. I use no where near the amount of fuel from the reviews. I think because they are always flat out testing the bike to its full capabilities. In the real world riding the bike on the road, fast sometimes perhaps, it delivers fuel economy not much different to other litre bikes. Yesterday I used 6 litres fuel for 105 kms. Yes the road was wet and slippery so didn't get a chance to open her up much, but shows their figures are no where near realistic. Even when dry the same route when I go lots faster I use less than 10 litres. Only bad thing though of course small fuel tank.

As for your comments on test rides. I totally agree, I would have bought the H2 a year earlier had I been allowed to test ride. I don't get it. The bike is aimed at the older experienced rider, why couldn't you have ONE travelling bike that goes around the country for test riders? I suppose Kawasaki aren't perfect, they got the bike right, but somehow don't get it that if they had a test bike many more would have bought them. Or maybe that was the plan? Don't know either I am happy now
Take it easy
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Why did you ...

Jeffro, this is how i became hooked, kawasaki UK had a bike they moved around the dealers. I was called by my dealer and invited to go for a blast the day before the open day so got to play before the other invitations turned up. The bike was offered to experienced riders of 1000cc plus owners who had previously bought new metal from them. Sadly i did the deal with another dealer that gave me a much higher trade on my ZX14 but it shows your concept works and apparently got sales from every site visited.

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I started getting interested in the bike during the time they we're releasing those initial teaser pictures (like the one below) & vids. Like many it really got my interest that it was supercharged, always been a fan of supercharged & turbo sports cars. Owned Kawi.'s since I was 12 years old, few of their dirt bikes & later sport bikes including a ZX-10R. But the teaser pics & vids were done really well & when Kawi. started showing actual pictures of the bike it struck a cord in me, really liked how aggressive it looked & while the styling is polarizing, I loved it. Then started reading more about the development w/ KHI & the technical stuff. From the pictures & videos the mirror paint looked amazing, the singled sided swingarm, side fairings, the SC, M50 Brembos, the ram air tube & loved how the rear of the bike looked, the single seat w/ rear pad, the seats adjustable side panels & the look of the tail. I was following the bikes progress but when it came to deposit time I was caught napping & didn't step up, was focused on my other bikes, other things in life, etc.

Then started hearing about how much they restricted the bike in the ecu & shortly after I got to see one in person. I'm detailed oriented, what blew me away is how the biked looked in person, the green frame didn't look like pictures it was old school candy metallic so were the decals, the way this looked against the mirror paint you can't capture in pics. The welds in frame, swingarm. The huge chain. The LED headlight & fangs. The special attention to all the bolts & fasteners, the finishing of parts, just looking at things from the footpegs to the swingarm & upper stem nuts, everything was so one off w/ custom touches, the parts are unique & at a such high quality. The details & finishing reminded me how Ducati manufacturers the Panigale but the H2 had more attitude. A lot of times you love the way a bike looks but would change something, everything on the H2 (well cept the exhaust) was just freakin mint.

Also liked that the bike was "limited" almost like how Ferrari does where each bike had a customer attached, it wasn't going to be sent in mass to dealerships to unload. But that worked against me too, after I saw one in person & knew I had to buy one I checked around locally to purchase the bike but got the same story, you had to have put down a 10% non refundable deposit during the ordering period to get a bike. Expanded the search using the Kawi website, looking for dealerships state wide, no luck, neighboring states, no luck. Called Kawasaki for help but that didn't work. I was on my 3rd day of making phone calls expanding my search South & West when I contacted a dealership in Romney West Virginia, 6 states away. I've never been to West Virginia, Romney is 400+ miles from my home in Long Island NY. I'll probably never forget that phone call:

Same question from me that I've been asking for 3 days;
ME: "I'm interested in buying a new H2, by any chance do you have one in stock"?
SALES GUY: "We actually do, we had a customer that ordered the bike & his financing fell through"
ME: "It's a brand new bike & you have it in stock?"
SALES GUY : "Brand new, hasn't rolled out of the dealership, I'm looking right at it"
ME : "How much out the door not including state taxes as I live in NY & do you have the gift kit"
SALES GUY : "The gift kit is here, $24,000 out the door"
ME : "Sorry what was your name again?"
SALES GUY : "George"
ME : "George, put a do not sit sign on the bike, it's sold, how much do you need for a deposit"
George : "$500 would do it"
ME : "Here's my credit card #"

Following weekend my wife & I drove to West Virginia & I rode it home. Never forget that ride either. 1st oil change was on the 2nd day of ownership. Countless tires & forum posts later still in love w/ this awesome machine.

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Because its unique

I was going to get one as soon as they came out, I love the look of it, its different, its mad, its beautiful, its insane, however, I had 5 bikes and a 350Z in the garage, so needed to shift some stuff

Admittedly, I was not a lover of the green frame but would have still got one regardless, its a piece of motorcycle history, period

I cant remember a bike being talked about, tested, photographed like the H2 for many many years, it stirs the soul of everyone, in one form or another

I cant see me ever selling it, its part of my life


Adventure before Dementia
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